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Electronic filing

Product outline

  • Patent application DE and EP
  • Trademark application DE
  • Utility model application DE
  • Application documents will be stored to PatInForm automatically.
  • Application No. and filing date will be registered 
  • End of life date, next due date, information for annuity services will be computed
  • Secure data transmission using qualified signature card 
  • Saving of costs for every electronic application

E-Filing - Description

In collaboration with DPMA we’ve finished the electronic application for DE patents/utility models, EP patents and DE trademarks. After initializing E-Filing, all relevant data for example owner information, assigned agent, inventors, title etc. will be transferred to E-Filing. Just click out the necessary attachments. E-Filing validates now the application, afterwards the complete transaction will be sent to the DPMAdirekt server. In a little while you’ll get the acknowledgement of receipt. Once more a little while you’ll receive the application no. and the filing date. An internal workflow completes now the storing of all your documents to the PatInForm E-Folder, writes the application no. and filing date back to PatInForm and computes information for annuity services.

Technical Information

Intel Prozessor (or similar)
100 MB disk space
Broadband internet access (DSL or similar)
card reader

(Technical changes reserved)