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Web Decisions

Product outline

  • Decision tool to keep or drop current patents and utility models
  • Web and email based
  • Displays the entire patent family
  • PatInForm data will be displayed for your decision making
  • External decision makers can be involved via email link
  • The decision results will rewrite to PatInForm
  • PDF Output
  • Every decision will be stored as PDF to PatInForm E-Folders
  • Windows authorizing via Active Directory

i.Decide - Description

i.Decide is a helpful decision tool to keep or drop a single patent or the entire patent family as well. Information like drawings, business unit, Inventors etc. stored in PatInForm, will be displayed for your decision making. Already dropped family members will be displayed as well. Every decision will be stored as PDF to PatInForm E-Folders. The dropped attribute and the decision date as well will be set automatically. External decision makers like R+D managers, marketing staff etc. can be involved in this decision process via integrated email links

Technical Information


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft IIS Internet Information Server
​(Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5)


Microsoft SQL or Oracle SQL


Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes


Electronic Folder E-Folder

(Technische Änderungen vorbehalten)