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Web Retrieval Client

Product outline

  • Intranet retrieval system for your own patents, trademarks, designs, contracts and inventions
  • Complex query support
  • Result sets and sort fields can be defined individually
  • Saving and loading user defined search profiles
  • User interface switchable D/E
  • Windows authorizing via Active Directory
  • Enabling/locking for every data field
  • Data filter settings per role/user

i.Retrieval - Description

I.Retrieval is an intranet based retrieval system designed for read access only. The access is limited to patents, trademarks, designs, contracts and inventions. i.Retrieval can be very useful such as for your inventors, R+D management, marketing stuff etc. It is also useful for externals, for example patent attorneys, for patent stuff in domestic and foreign subsidiaries. Every data field from the above applications can be displayed. Additional information directly referenced to your basic IP data, can be displayed as well. Additional information could be oppositions, collisions, contracts etc. Even the documents, stored in your electronic folders, can be displayed.

Technical Information


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft IIS Internet Information Server
​(Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5)


Microsoft SQL or Oracle SQL


Microsoft Visual

(Technical changes reserved)