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Product outline

  • Variable defined assessment criteria
  • Scoring your own patents and utility models 
  • Invention scoring 
  • PatInForm data will be displayed for decision making purposes 
  • External decision maker can be involved via email link 
  • Graphical presentation for every single valuation 
  • Graphical presentation for the complete patent portfolio 
  • Different graphics and chart types
  • Portfolio graphics filtered by periods or particular due dates
  • Additional filters by business unit, cost centre, cost unit etc.
  • Export to Excel
  • PDF Output
  • Downloading of single graphics
  • Delivering of single graphics as attachments to your email system
  • Web- and email based
  • Windows authorizing via Active Directory

i.Score Description

i.Score Scoring

i.Score calculates ratios for your patents and inventions as overall score or grouped score using variable defined criteria. Information like drawings, remaining life time, patent age, business unit, Inventors etc. stored in PatInForm, will be displayed for your decision making. External scorer like R+D managers, marketing staff etc. can be involved in this scoring process via integrated email links
Due to the calculated ratios, the result will be immediately displayed as a graphical presentation. Completed scorings will be stored automatically to the electronic PatInForm folder. Every valuation data are saved for further purposes (charts/graphics).

i.Score Graphic

i.Score Graphic generates significant charts, reading the portfolio ratios which are stored in PatInForm data tables. Graphics can be generated for different periods or particular due dates. Current graphics can be compared to previous year graphics. You are able to set additional different filter criteria. Different graphics and chart types are available. Every graphic can be displayed using overall or group score. Total graphics as well as group graphics can be generated. The charts can be displayed as 3D pie-, bar-, or bubbles. The charts are interactive. A click on a particular bar displays information about the corresponding patent families. A click on a family displays the complete family applications. Graphics can be printed or exported to Excel with/without ratios. Single graphics can be saved or transferred to your email system.

Technical Information


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft IIS Internet Information Server
​(Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5)


Microsoft SQL or
Oracle SQL


Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes


Electronic Folder E-Folder

(Technical changes reserved)