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Web Inventions

Product outline

  • Web- and email based invention reporting
  • Integration of your current invention forms D/E
  • Emails to inventors, patent department, and board of management will be created
  • Department managers, board of management ca be involved via email link
  • The named inventor can inform oneself about his reported inventions as well as the corresponding applications
  • User interface switchable D/E
  • The complete invention form will be created as PDF
  • Every submitted document will be stored to the PatInForm invention E-Folder
  • New inventions will be written to PatInform
  • Windows authorizing via Active Directory

i.Invent - Description

i.Invent represents a web- and email based invention reporting system. Using i.Invent, every inventor is able to report his invention paperless. Every named inventor can inform oneself about his reported inventions as well as the corresponding applications. i.Invent is a web based intranet application and integrates your current email system to send confirmations and other messages. i.Invent takes over partly information which already exists in PatInForm data tables. Invention reports consisting of compound information for instance, structured bibliographical data, document attachments and one or more current customer invention forms. Latter form will be one-to-one integrated.

Technical Information


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft IIS Internet Information Server
​(Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5)


Microsoft SQL Server or


Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes


Electronic Folder E-Folder

(Technical changes reserved)