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Global Folder & i.Folder

Product outline

  • Intranet publication of all released PatInForm Electronic Folder documents
  • Using automatically the individual global electronic folder tree structure, defined by the patent department
  • Search and filter functions
  • Miniaturized graphics preview presentation
  • Collecting documents to your shopping car for further purposes
  • Document download
  • Printout of your collected documents 
  • Windows Authorizing via Active Directory

i.Folder - Description

i.Folder adopts the global electronic folder tree structure and publishes the documents to the intranet, released by the patent department. Using the tree structure or the search functions you’ll find documents, photos, drawings and E-Mails very easy. This technology can be applied as information systems to inform any employee about an internal product overview, process technology etc. 

Technical Information


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft IIS Internet Information Server
​(Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5)


Microsoft SQL or
Oracle SQL


Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

PatInForm SQL Version + E-Filing

(Technical changes reserved)