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Web Archive

IP4me is an open intranet based document archive and delivery system. The documents can be imported from different sources, a manual acquisition is possible as well. In addition to bibliographical information, XML text, PDF documents and drawings as well can be imported.

IP4me runs with SQL databases with full text indices. Therefore the system is able to find information very quickly.


Product outline

  • Document profile distribution using email integration
  • User comments with email feedback
  • Profile keyword assignments
  • Internal classification
  • Management of documents, drawings, and bibliographic data. 
  • Gathering of patent family data 
  • Administration of research projects
  • Integration of Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes 
  • Open system - import and data entry, corrections of documents 
  • Beginner search, power user search
  • Saving, storing, loading and sending of search results and lists of matches. 
  • Import filters for internet downloads, XML text and CD’s, DVD’s 
  • Integration of PatInForm 
  • Database: Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server 

IP4me - Description

For archive access, each user just needs an Internet Explorer and access permissions. Thus, access to IP4me is possible throughout the enterprise. IP4me has a comprehensive user and role management. Initial authorizing uses the existing user account inside the Microsoft Active Directory account management.

Documents can be automatically or manually assigned and be distributed paperless by email using the connection and integration of Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

Our PatInForm customers can directly view all assigned relevant documents, for example cited decisions in IP4me.

After the login, IP4me starts with the search interface. You enter your search terms here. The system supports you with explanations for every field, with validity check e.g. of date and your own keyword tables etc.

Following the search request you receive a result set in tabular format. A click on the button "images" opens an additional window which shows a preview of the image. The button "text" shows the stored document text. The "family" button shows the patent family based on the priority information. A multitude of additional functions like comments, supervision, create of a tracking document are available. 

Technical Information


Microsoft Edge
Acrobat Reader


Microsoft IIS Internet Information Server
​(Microsoft .NET Framework)


Microsoft SQL
Oracle SQL


Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

(Subject to change)